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EINIRAS – European Information Network on International Relations and Area Studies

One of the main objectives of FIV – The German Information Network International Relations and Area Studies is the expansion of cooperation with other European specialist institutes. For these reasons, the FIV and the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP) were amongst the initiators of EINRIAS, the European network of research organisations in the field of international relations and area studies.

By creating a common European database for international relations and area studies, the aim is:
  • to duplicate the advantages of cooperation on a national level at an international level
  • to make the databases of individual European research institutes universally accessible
  • to document scholarly literature in a broad spectrum of languages
  • to close gaps in WAO – World Affairs Online’s coverage.

Members of the network, founded in the early 1990s, now include three international organizations – Council of Europe (COE), United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR), Institute for Security Studies of the European Union (ISS) – and more than thirty research organisations from seventeen different countries, including the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), Chatham House, The Royal Institute of International Affairs, London, The Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM), Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI), Fundació CIDOB – Centro de Investigación de Relaciones Internacionales y Desarrollo, Barcelona, Center for Security Studies (CSS) at ETH Zurich.

European Thesaurus

The multilingual European Thesaurus on International Relations and Area Studies has been developed with the participation of several European research institutes within the framework of EINIRAS.

The European Thesaurus is a special subject thesaurus and contains about 8.200 descriptors. Apart from applying the thesaurus for indexing and retrieval, which is its main purpose, the thesaurus can also be used as a terminological reference work or even to look up the equivalents of a term in other languages (translation tool).

The European Thesaurus Development Group (ETDG) was set up by those EINIRAS member institutes that contributed to the production of the European Thesaurus. The ETDG meets regularly to decide on new descriptors, descriptor modifications, deletions of descriptors, etc.

New: Cooperation with the German Library networks

WAO is now part of the catalogues of the German Library networks. You can now find all journal articles, chapters of books, online papers and monographs from WAO

IREON relaunch, now with ECONIS data

IREON – the International Relations and Area Studies Gateway has a new technical platform and now includes additional collections on economic policy.

New databases are:

  • ECONIS – the ZBW (German National Library of Economic) database
  • SCIENCES PO – a selection from the Sciences Po, Paris journal articles database (closed catalogue)

The new IREON continues to provide bibliographic references (including full-text documents were possible) from:

  • WAO – World Affairs Online
  • WAO – Treaties, including selected treaties on international security policy and UN Security Resolutions
  • LITDOK – the database of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), with a focus on development policy
  • FES – the library catalogue of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, specializing in political and social topics


The European Thesaurus on International Relations and Area Studies is availaible in a
seven-lingual print edition.
The Thesaurus can be accessed online at the IREON Gateway.
History of the FIV

Short version
Full version (download as PDF file)


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